About the Bleddfa Centre

Bleddfa is the inspiration of James Roose-Evans and Hywel Jones

James Roose-Evans, now in his nineties, was one of Britain's most innovative theatre directors, best known for founding the Hampstead Theatre and for his award-winning dramatisation of 84 Charing Cross Road. Beyond the stage, James is a priest, and the author of nineteen books, and a blog of thoughts and inspirations www.jamesrooseevans.co.uk

Hywel Jones grew up on a farm in the mountains of North Wales. His journey took him to London where, in 1963, he was nominated in Variety Magazine as ‘the most promising newcomer to the West End’. He later became a dedicated teacher of the Alexander Technique which he practised for over forty years, until his death in 2012.

James and Hywel were united in their commitment to the arts and their passionate belief that creativity, spirituality and well-being are fundamentally interlinked. Wherever they travelled they attracted artists and fellow seekers. The Bleddfa Centre is an expression of their love for this place and for all that it represents.


The founders of the Bleddfa Centre