Solar Cosmologies: A Talk by Professor Keith Ray

Solar Cosmologies: A Talk by Professor Keith Ray

Saturday 22nd June

Doors open at 7pm

The talk is the second in the series, ‘Themes in the Ritualisation of Time’ taking place at Bleddfa at each of the cardinal points (equinoxes and solstices) of the four seasons this year.

This ‘summer solstice’ event will be presented by Professor Keith Ray and take the form of an extended illustrated reflection upon a selection of the mute clues we have as to how our prehistoric forbears of between 6,000 and 1,000 years ago may have experienced, manipulated and represented the passage of time in the British Isles and elsewhere in Europe.

Ideas about memory, mnemonics and memorialisation in the nearer and more distant past have been discussed extensively by archaeologists looking at ancient sites and artefacts over the past thirty years or so. The talk is by no means a review of such discussions, however, though the reflections have in large measure been informed by them, as well as by thinking in cultural anthropology and history.

Tickets £12 which includes a tasty solstice supper!

Please email or call 01547 550 377 to reserve yours.

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