Current exhibition

Darkness and Light

In a time of uncertainty. A celebration of the weather systems of the earth, the oceans, sky and forests: a lament for the changing climate, for the shadows cast. 

Darkness and Light is a collaborative project that has evolved over three years. Working closely together, sharing ideas and techniques but each making our own individual work we wanted to create a space for imaginative reflection. The work is exhibited in all the spaces of the Bleddfa Centre:  Gallery, Hall Barn, Chapel and Orchard Garden. We were delighted to have the opportunity to develop large scale sculptural installations and films as well as smaller pieces. There are themes of water and movement running through the whole exhibition and the fragility of the Earth is reflected in the fragility of the materials used. 

 Much of the work in the exhibition was made during successive lockdowns. We were all affected by the isolation and the intensity of working in solitude. The long periods spent without the interruptions of everyday life meant we could push the work on and on. Don Braisby who had recently moved to Ireland was particularly affected. Unable to access the printmaking studios in Cork he spent the time confined in a small flat developing a series of films. He used photographs, drawings, video clips and the daily image of the sun rising and setting over the estuary to construct layered interpretations of the landscape.

Don Braisby Frances Carlile Jane Harding an exhibition of Print installation and film ends 1stAugust 2021

Jane Harding

Frances Carlile

Don Braisby