Future exhibitions

We are delighted to offer an arts programme throughout the year.
Here you can find a brief, but tempting list of the upcoming exhibtions:


July 1st - August 1st: 'Darkness and Light', a celebration and a lament in uncertain times, with Don Braisby, Frances Carlile and Jane Harding; Oriel Bleddfa and Hall Barn, including installations, workshops and readings. 

August 5th - 29th: 'Between 2 Rivers', an exhibition exploring the rivers Servern and Wye, their banks, water meadows and countryside, with Robert Cunning, Martin Eldridge and Michelle Anderson. Oriel Bleddfa

September 2nd - 26th, including the h.Art trail between 4th and 12th. A range of artists and craftspersons, in both Oriel Bleddfa and the gardens. We hope that workshops will also be arranged. 

Sept 30th - 31st October: Beca Beeby; sculpture, jewellery and ceramics, influenced by her bees and their creations, Oriel Bleddfa 

November 4th - 28th: Title tbc; botanical illustrations and prints; Ruth Kirkby, ceramics and ceramic sculpture; Mary Smith, and paintings and drawings; June Coveny. 

December 2nd - Jan 30th: Tales from the Mabinogion; an exhibition exploring the timeless stories, through sculpture, prose and paintings, with Emma Bevan and guests.