Future exhibitions

We are delighted to offer an arts programme throughout the year.
Here you can find a brief, but tempting list of the upcoming exhibtions:


October 1st - 31st : 'On Growth & Form', with Beca Beeby and Lorna Brown; Beca will be showing hefabulous and fascinating sculpture, jewellery and ceramics, influenced by her bees and their creations. Lorna will be showing a mix of photography related to form, colour, shape and growth. The main work relates to fetishization, ownership of the body and attempts to fit. There are also a small number of images relating to growth and reach. Oriel Bleddfa

 While on the surface, Beca and Lorna’s work may seem poles apart, they are both coming from a similar place in their frustrations and experiences growing up with the pressures of society, and media on the female form; their awe and respect of the plant world and the human reliance on it while simultaneously destroying it; and their concern for future generations dealing with the additional pressures of social media and climate change.
The contrasting aesthetics of their work serve to confuse the audience, in the hope they will delve deeper into the ideas and experience behind it.

November 5th - 28th: Three Marches Artists; botanical illustrations and prints; Ruth Kirkby, Mary Smith and June Coveny; ceramics and ceramic sculpture, paintings and drawings. Oriel Bleddfa.

December 3rd - Jan 23rd 2022 : Tales from the Mabinogion; an exhibition exploring the creatures and metamorphoses within the timeless stories, through sculpture, ceramics, prose and paintings, with Emma Bevan; Hetta Johnson; Karin Mean; Francesca Kay and Amanda Rose. Oriel Bleddfa.

January 28th - February 20th: Both Oriel Bleddfa snd Hall Barn are available for Artist Residencies. There may also be availability in our cottage. Please contact hello@bleddfacentre.org if you wish to apply

February 24th - April 3rd: "Fold" - a group exhibition, more details to follow. Oriel Bleddfa and Hall Barn