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Home Territory

An exhibition of work by Simon Dorrell, Tania Mosse and Josh Partridge
Exhibition 8th - 30th August 2020
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. - 5pm

Simon Dorrell’s work explores vernacular architecture and its relationship to its environs. Oil paintings, ink drawings, lino-cut prints and decorated objects portray domestic and agricultural buildings in the landscape, closely observed interiors, and townscapes of industrial workers’ housing.

Tania Mosse’s interest is in the smallest details of natural objects. She is fascinated by the protective casings of vulnerable matter. The study of exoskeletons, carapaces and husks provide starting points for sculptures in stone and bronze.

Immersed in sketching outdoors, Josh Partridge feels steeped in the Radnorshire hillsides and riveted by their curved and zigzagging lines. Working in Watercolour and Gouache, her landscapes emerge on the cusp of abstraction.