Bog-snorkelling Donkey

Bog-snorkelling Donkey
  • Sunday 1st September -

Bog-snorkelling Donkey

I don’t make a habit of leaping into bogs, but having been a spectator at last year’s Bog Snorkelling World Championships at Llanwrtyd Wells I felt it would be fun to take part and raise money for a good cause at the same time (and you’re only 60 once). Spana is a charity that supports working animals and the families that depend on them: in Africa there is a crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of donkeys which have been sold or stolen to fuel the Chinese trade in a substance extracted from donkey skins. When a family loses their donkey they cannot take their garden produce to market or fetch water or plough their land, so they can’t afford to buy food or send their children to school. Spana is one of the animal welfare charities trying to combat this trade and so I dressed as a donkey and prepared to make an ass of myself by slithering into some fine Welsh mud on their behalf.

Sunday August 25th was a very hot day so once I got over the shock, it was very pleasant to be immersed in cold muddy water. The fastest speed record was less than 1.5 minutes but the record-holder was in no danger from me; I had to stop a couple of times to get my breath back and wonder if there was a defibrillator within reach, so my trip took over 5 minutes and I was overtaken by several minnows and a group of tadpoles on the way.

Heaving myself out of the soupy water I was welcomed by a chum holding out a large gin & tonic, which tasted a lot better than the bog water and revived me sufficiently to stagger to the nearest burger stall and have a very late lunch. So far I’ve raised just over £200 and if you would like to add to that, here is the link to the Justgiving website: