From the Earth to the Sky – Our Relationships with Trees

From the Earth to the Sky – Our Relationships with Trees
  • Sunday 28th April -

From the Earth to the Sky – Our Relationships with Trees

Imagine our lives without trees. Our relationship with these perennial plants is inextricably binding. We have built our homes, fashioned tools and utensils, created paper, furniture, fuel, weapons and musical instruments using the materials that trees provide us with. If you look around you now, you will see lots of former trees that have been cut down and used to make your life more comfortable and refined.



Trees enable us to live, in so many ways. They sometimes feed us with their fruit. They create oxygen via photosynthesis and help to maintain a breathable atmosphere that we mammalian creatures need to thrive and survive in. Their very existence is completely giving and yields to our every whim and desire in our insatiable appetite for existence and growth.



This relationship can be felt far easier than it can be articulated with words.  To take a walk in the forest or woodland brings feelings and sensations that have primordial roots in our genetic makeup and ring true in the depths of our collective soul. Over time, trees have become our protectors, our landmarks and a shared home with the animal kingdom. They have become entwined in our memories, copied in paint and pencil or photographed for posterity and written about in poetry or portrayed as characters in fiction.



When I walk amongst the trees I am captivated. Each trunk has a story like a face, full of weather and lines telling tales of time passed. Above me the giants sway and dance in the flurry of the wind as it whips through the branches and leaves. I feel honoured to be in their presence and am struck by each unique structure, climbing silently towards the stars in the unending clamber for light.



Throughout time, trees have been a muse for artists, musicians and writers alike, inspiring a mythical reverence that permeates human history and cultures. From seed to sapling to mighty giants, these age-old companions have spread about the planet long before we ever started to walk upright and doubtless will still be here long after we are gone.



On Monday 6th of May at 7pm, we will host guitarist Geoff Robb and luthier Richard Osbourne. Geoff will play original guitar music inspired by trees. His style is influenced by classical and Celtic traditions and his love for the natural world is evident in the intricate and beautiful compositions that he plays. Richard will talk about his craft and how this age-old tradition uses the materials from trees to create the delicate instruments which eventually resound in the music that they inspired, and thus producing a circle of creativity that begins as a seed in the earth and ends as a final sonorous note in the ether.


Words and photographs by Greg Fisher