Happy Birthday James Roose-Evans

Happy Birthday James Roose-Evans
  • Sunday 10th November -

Happy Birthday James Roose-Evans

We'd like to wish Bleddfa Trust Founder James Roose-Evans a very happy 92nd birthday.  

James recently completed his twenty-first book: Older, a journal of life in his 91st year.  His publisher, Tom Perrin of Zuleika Books, writes, ‘Older is a fascinating and brilliant and thoughtful work, by an author who has become a sage of our times. It is moving, touching and important, and makes vital points about old age and living.'
James comments, ‘Sometimes people say to me, “Oh, I’m old,” and always I reply, “No, you are older,” which is a very different thing. The word “old” with its final D is like a door slamming, whereas “older” suggests the possibility of further growth.'

Here’s a short video interview with James, released just ahead of the publication of Older.