Lunch and Learn Online: Interiors

Lunch and Learn Online: Interiors
  • Tuesday 2nd June -

Lunch and Learn Online: Interiors


Hello again everyone 

Thank you for your terrific landscapes and I hope that you are all enjoying the last of the sunny weather today.

This week’s challenge is ‘Interiors’, you might like to arrange a small part of your room  as though it were a large still life, a table and chair by a window for example. Or what if you copied something from a magazine like my picture below.

If possible please complete it within 2 hours on Wednesday 11 a.m. -1p.m. But if you get carried away then take as long as you like. Please photograph your picture and then over the following three days I would like you to email the photograph of your picture to me 

Bleddfa will post one picture per person on their Fb and web page, the same week.
I am sending you a short film on Vimeo with this email.

Best wishes and good luck