Lunch and Learn Online: Week 5

Lunch and Learn Online: Week 5
  • Friday 19th June -

Lunch and Learn Online: Week 5

This week's Bleddfa Lunch & Learn Art challenge was funded by the Presteigne Festival.

Here is the work produced in Lunch and Learn Online Week 5, where participants were asked to use their gardens as inspiration to create sketches, paintings and collages. Find out more in the video on our previous post here.

Charlotte Lindsay

Christine Brown

Geroge Linneker

Helen Jones

Hilary Naylor

Jane Thomas

Kate MacMaster

Lesley Wootton

Lois Hopwood

Louise Davies

Mary Martin

Sharon Hall-Ship

Stuart Roper

Suzy Cawley

Kate McLean

If you would like to take part in next week's challenge email for more details.