Our First Exhibition of 2019

Our First Exhibition of 2019
  • Monday 15th April -

Our First Exhibition of 2019


The first exhibition of the year in the Bleddfa Gallery is a solo show by Lois Hopwood, who has settled locally, raising her family in Knucklas together with her partner, the potter Tony Hall. As she has become more immersed in the seasons of the area, perhaps more deeply since starting to keep sheep on their own land, her approach to the landscape has become at once more abstract and more finely nuanced.



This show is sparse and atmospheric, with each wall evoking a different sense of place. If the title of ‘Landscapes’ leads you to expect depictions of the rolling hills and valleys of the Marches, prepare for something quite different. The darkest images are called 'Before Dawn'; drained of colour, they stem from private moments of going into the fields in the semi-darkness looking for new lambs.



Lois’s confident draughtsmanship informs the white landscape drawings with the intricate and geometric field boundaries set under lowering skies. But after the desolate and enigmatic comes the burgeoning of landscapes in a more familiar green, conjuring the welcome light of spring and the skylark’s song. For those who are also accustomed to these counties, the sense of recognition comes from the heart.Spend some time with these paintings; their texture and character offers a lot to the unhurried observer.


By Sarah Pearson, Bleddfa Centre Mananger