Self-Care and Wellness at Our Core

Self-Care and Wellness at Our Core
  • Monday 13th May -

Self-Care and Wellness at Our Core

When our Founder James Roose-Evans first formed the Bleddfa Trust as a charity over 40 years ago, the original remit was to offer a spiritual space for caring and the arts. As time has passed, these themes are still incredibly important.  Modernisation and the dawn of the 21st Century has dictated that Bleddfa Centre now identifies more broadly as a place ‘for the Creative Spirit’, nevertheless the themes of self-care and wellbeing are still at the forefront.


Founder of The Bleddfa Trust, James Roose-Evans.

Throughout the year we offer events, workshops and talks that are conducive to these themes of calmness and healing.  We have just hosted a powerful and intimate afternoon with best-selling author Sophie Sabbage, whose talk ‘The Difference between Thriving and Surviving’ provided a space to discuss the impact of “life shocks” and how to deal with them. We can all relate to the experience of being traumatised by life-events in many ways on many levels, and it is important to have access to a shared space, a collective forum if you will, that emanates catharsis and healing in a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Sophie Sabbage talking at the Bleddfa Centre. May 18th, 2019.

This message and promotion of self-care and wellness continues to run through the core of the Bleddfa Centre. Our varied programme includes courses that offer solutions to the maladies and malaise that modern living thrusts upon us.  Our yoga class on Monday mornings welcomes all abilities, and provides the opportunity to exhale and shrug off worries and tension via gentle stretching, meditation and breathing exercises, conducted by our lovely yoga maestro Jenny Matthews. There is room for new initiates, and we extend a warm welcome to anyone thinking of taking up this highly beneficial practice.  We also have a friendly meditation group on the first Saturday of each month, open to all.

On Saturday 25th May we present ‘Working with Chakras, Sound and Colour’ led by Kate Goslett. This workshop was a resounding success with previous participants, and offers an insight into a sensual and meditative process aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the chakras. It also provides a boost to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Kate is an expert in the field of psycho-therapy and spiritual guidance, and uses unique and exciting techniques to help attendees to connect with an inner-calm and mindfulness.  Participants leave with a worthwhile and enlightening toolkit that can be developed further in one’s own time. 

If any of these themes resonate with you, or you know someone else who could benefit from them, be sure to have a look at our website for forthcoming events and subscribe to our newsletter and join us on social media to get all the latest news and developments.