Singing is Good For The Mind and Body

Singing is Good For The Mind and Body
  • Sunday 15th September -

Singing is Good For The Mind and Body

We all love to sing, whether it be in public or the privacy  of the shower!  Singing indicates we are happy and is extremely good for our physical and mental health.
Here’s 10 ways in which singing is good for you…

1.    It Strengthen Your Immune System
Research has shown that the amount of proteins in the immune system is increased by singing. In recent studies, the amount of Immunoglobulin A was measured before and after choir practice. The results proved that there was a significant increase measured after the rehearsals!

2.    Singing Helps You To Get a Better Sleep
Sometimes it’s really hard to get a good night’s sleep. But it has been proven that singing increases strength in the throat muscles which in turn helps to decrease snoring and sleep apnea.

3.    It’s a Workout
Singing is a brilliant form of exercise. It is especially effective for the elderly and disabled. Singing increases lung capacity, it strengthens the diaphragm and improves your stamina.

4.    Singing Improves Your Posture
By standing up straight and using your whole body to project your voice, your chest cavity will expand and over time, great posture will come much more naturally. 

5.    A Natural Anti-Depressant 
Singing releases endorphins to the brain, giving you a natural feel-good factor! It also stimulates a tiny organ in your ears called the sacculus which creates a pleasurable response from the frequencies created by a good old singing session.

6.    Singing Improves Mental Alertness
Increased oxygen intake and well oxygenated bloodstream increases your mental alertness helping you to be more mindful, concentrate more easily and also helps with memory!

7.    Decreasing Stress Levels
Singing releases your muscle tension and decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream. There’s nothing like a good sing to help you release the stress valve.

8.    Boost Your Confidence
Getting involved in a singing group or choir can boost your confidence. Your new efforts will be noticed and praised by those around you and can give you a new outlook on performing in public.

9.    Singing Improves Your Communication Skills
By singing you are tapping in to a fundamental way to communicate. We sing to our babies and teach our children nursery rhymes in order to help them understand language and communicate.  

10.    Better Social Life
Joining a singing group or attending a workshop can widen your circle of friends and introduce you to like-minded individuals who share your love of singing. Creating music with others can be profoundly intimate and will more often than not invoke a strong bond between singers.

So what are you waiting for? Why not sign up for our Workshop ‘The Joy of Singing’ with John Rowlands-Pritchard taking place in Hall Barn on Saturday 21st September.
The day will be spent exploring Gregorian Chants and is ideal for those with interests in the history of music, theology, meditation, and cultural history.  It also promises to be a lot of fun as you are guided through distinctive chant notations and gain some practical experience whilst indulging in the joys and health benefits of singing.